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8 avril 2013 1 08 /04 /avril /2013 20:11

davinci-resolve-10A peine quelques heures après l'ouverture du NAB 2013, BLACKMAGIC DESIGN a annoncé une multitude de nouveaux produits,  deux nouvelles caméras et surtout l'arrivée pour le troisième trimestre 2013 de la version 10 de DAVINCI RESOLVE et DAVINCI RESOLVE LITE.

Voici la liste de toutes les nouveautées en anglais et elles sont nombreuses :

• Grade Live incoming SDI video and save grading snapshots with metadata and stills

New Editing Enhancements for Project Finishing
• Multi track video and audio editing
• Extensive clip trimming support
• High quality optical flow image processing
• Static, lower third, scroll and crawl titles
• Compound clips
• Three point and four point fit-to-fill editing
• Transform, crop and opacity video effects
• Multiple Take selection
• Expanded XML and AAF roundtrip support
• Built-in generators for bars and test patterns
• Audio level controls with track mixing
• Matchframe linking for source and timeline viewers
• Stereoscopic 3D editing
• Media Pool list view now includes a filmstrip view

New Color Correction Enhancements
• Support for an unlimited number of industry standard OpenFX plug-ins per clip
• Unlimited Power Windows per node
• New Gradient Power Window
• Power Window presets to combine multiple windows
• PowerCurve Window freehand drawing and processing enhancements
• Copy and Paste of Tracking Data between Power Windows
• Power Window rotation available on the 4th trackball on the BMD control panel
• Motion Effects palette - In full version of DaVinci Resolve
• Chrominance control for Spatial noise reduction - In full version of DaVinci Resolve
• Temporal noise reduction - In full version of DaVinci Resolve
• Motion blur - In full version of DaVinci Resolve
• Enhanced blur with 10x range increase
• Contrast and pivot controls in 3-Way color and Primary palettes
• Split screen viewer display with SDI output
• CinemaDNG and ARRI Raw decoder options for half and quarter resolution
• Debayer and image scaling quality modes for systems with low GPU power
• Keyframe Timeline metadata now saved with Gallery Stills
• Drag and drop stills between Gallery pages
• Grab missing stills for all clips
• PowerGrades will now be append to the node editor with double click
• Enhanced Lightbox display with colour correction controls and SDI output
• Node based PTZR controls
• Corrector Node RGB/YUV selector for channel isolation
• Splitter and Combiners Nodes for single channel effects
• Optimized latency while grading complex node graphs
• Render Cache metadata is now saved with the project
• Global grade bypass for quick before/after grade review
• Auto Stabilization improvements to track shots with camera pans
• Additional External Matte Freeze and current clip settings
• Burn-in options for individual and global formatting and whether to display item labels
• User selectable LUT selection for GUI Viewer and Scopes
• Printer Light Hotkey grading
• Additional timeline filters to sort the colour and deliver timelines
• Keyboard shortcut to full screen viewer mode
• Media and Edit page viewer now includes a zoom to fit selector
• The switching clip selection now also in the node editor options menu
• Projects can now be arranged and saved within project folders for easy organisation
• Projects and project folders can be cut and pasted between project folders
• 3rd party panel improvements

Media Support Enhancements
• AVI clip decoding
• JPEG 2000 decoding
• Viewer display with side-by-side audio waveform or VU display options
• Auto Sync of Dailies audio and video using matching time code
• Edit clip metadata concurrently with audio and video sync
• User definable preset list of metadata to be displayed on screen
• Log ACES support
• Sony Slog2 IDT for ACES
• Canon C500 IDT for ACES
• Additional Media Pool fields for clip metadata includes shot, scene, take, angle, circled and camera roll

Deliver Enhancements
• Audio tracks are now displayed in the timeline with video clips
• Audio VU meters with dBu and VU range selection
• Additional render option to JPEG 2000 for DCP generation
• Additional render resolution templates
• Render settings now include optional render job version name
• Integration with easyDCP using license purchased from EasyDCP (Available for Mac and Windows)

General Enhancements
• OpenCL support for multiple AMD GPUs on Windows
• Menu bar support on Linux
• Linux CentOS 6.3 support
• General performance and stability improvements

J'en profite aussi pour vous dire que le site de Blackmagic Design a fait une cure de jouvence et que si vous voulez en savoir plus sur DAVINCI RESOLVE 10 et DAVINCI RESOLVE 10 LITE, il suffit d'aller furetter sur leur site web.

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